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What is Professional Coaching all about?

"Two or more people actively engaged in pursuit of a definite purpose with a positive mental attitude, constitute an unbeatable force.”

                                                                                -Napoleon Hill

I’m a Certified Professional Coach who can help shape your perspective into a healthy and productive one. Whether it’s your career, your relationships, or anything else that’s important to you, with my CALL Model program I’ll help you develop the habits and skills to effectively deal with the challenges and emotional moments you may encounter in life.

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What is Professional Coaching all about? 


Think of it this way.  You are living your life but you know in your gut that there is more for you.  You know that you are capable of doing more, heck, maybe you even wrote down what 'more' looks like but for some reason that is as far as you get.  Right there, all the dreams, intentions, goals die at the wall.  What really is that wall? 


A professional coach will help you identify the wall and partner with you to burst through the wall.


Professional, personal, life, health coaches are all the same.  What makes me different?

I bring a unique Energy Index system which identifies the energy that shows up under various situations.  Integrating the Energy Index offers some different to the coaching experience.



Some basics:


What Coaching is: 

  • A forward looking approach to improving the you that is already amazing. 

  • It is partnering with my client to help them discover what is inside of them to thrive. 

  • It is determining a plan to place you on the path to a better you. 

  • It is holding you accountable to your word and being intentional about your intentions.


What Coaching is not?

  • It is not mentoring.

  • It is not counselling. 

  • Coaches do not provide advice because no one knows you better than you.  

So now that you know a little bit about Professional Coaching, click HERE to learn about me.


What I know.....

  • Change is the only constant in life.

  • You will attract the type of energy that you emit (positive and negative).

  • You can't move forward by staying still so let's get moving!

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