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Be True to Yourself

Ladies, this is for you - Stay true to yourself

When the storms come – remember that storms have a beginning, middle and an end. You will see clearer after the storm.

When your feel transparent – remember your greatness. Your gifts, talents, abilities, and uniqueness are not for everyone. You will be seen by those that are meant to acknowledge your inner and outer beauty which is at your core.

When your voice has been silenced – sing out loud. Your words have power and since it took you so long to find your voice – use it to motivate and inspire yourself and others. You matter and your words matter too.

When you feel let down or disappointed – remember to forgive. Forgiveness is for you! Let it go and free yourself other people’s imperfections. Don’t own that.

When you feel unworthy – remember that your hard work is paying off. You’ve put in the time, got the education, sacrificed for your family and neglected yourself for this moment. Step into your brilliance.

When your world seems dim – know that you are resilient and your life is a testament to that.

You are beautiful – even through your tears.

You are amazing – because you said so!

You are everything enough! Stand on that as your truth.

You are loved. Period.

Stay true to you.

-Audrey Dendy-Hightower

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